Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Alex Hughes


Freelancing for the Atlanta PD isn’t exactly a secure career; my job’s been on the line almost as much as my life. But it’s a paycheck, and it keeps me from falling back into the drug habit. Plus, things are looking up with my sometimes-partner, Cherabino, even if she is still simmering over the telepathic Link I created by accident.

When my ex, Kara, shows up begging for my help, I find myself heading to the last place I ever expected to set foot in again—Guild headquarters—to investigate the death of her uncle. Joining that group was a bad idea the first time. Going back when I’m unwanted is downright dangerous.

Luckily, the Guild needs me more than they’re willing to admit. Kara’s uncle was acting strange before he died—crazy strange. In fact, his madness seems to be slowly spreading through the Guild. And when an army of powerful telepaths loses their marbles, suddenly it’s a game of life or death.…

Oooh, I was not disappointed in this third Mindspace book. In fact, it may have become my new favorite of the three. 

The story just flowed really well and held me captive until the end.  I was rather anxious during this one, poor Adam and his terrible luck. Once again at odds with the police department, and the Guild, and of course the ongoing anticipation of Adam and Cherabino's tenuous relationship. 

I am looking forward to the next installment. 

And coming next week, a guest spot with Alex Hughes. Anxious to see what goodies she is sending my way for that! 

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