Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Last Post

I actually was told it was gross.

I don't agree, it was pretty much blood and gore free.

I even debated about blogging about it on the other blogs, as I had already made a blog specifically for the cancer.

But seeing as I had disappeared, again...after once again trying to be more consistent, I figured I owed it to the 3 people who follow me to see what happened this time.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was told that I had probably had it for years. It is one of the most slow-growing cancers apparently.

I never even had a clue.

Well, I did. But I chalked it up to being a new mother. Post-partum depression. Just being run down. I mean, I'm 39. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

So, sorry if it offends, but when I was going through this I inspired a few people showing similar symptoms to get checked out. So, I feel like sharing was the right thing to do.

Check your neck. Seriously.

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