Friday, January 4, 2013

The Lonely Doll Makes New Friends

A Story in the Dare Wright Tradition

From Amazon:

The Lonely Doll Makes New Friends continues Dare Wright's classic series that began with publication of The Lonely Doll® in 1957. The new authors, Brook Ashley, Brett Wilbur and John Ogilvie, have photographed this latest Lonely Doll book in vibrant color. Edith and the Bears are the originals that Dare Wright used in her books. Edith's friends are Lenci dolls from the 1920's and '30s. Edith is a doll who lives with her companions, Mr. Bear and Little Bear. Rejecting Little Bear's offer to play baseball with her, Edith begs Mr. Bear to send her to a summer camp where she can learn how to become a refined young lady. Mr. Bear reluctantly agrees to let her go, but reminds Edith that it's her behavior and being true to herself that will make her special, not what she wears or how hard she tries to impress the other girls. Edith learns the wisdom of Mr. Bear's words, but only after a series of misadventures that bring her a new appreciation for Little Bear and the realization of what it really takes to make true friends.

There were mixed reviews on this new book. 

I am reserving judgement until I see for myself. Brook Ashley inherited Edith and the bears, I am glad to see they were not sold off or just sitting in a box in her attic. 

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