Monday, August 13, 2012

James R. Tuck

Originally scheduled to appear here on February 5 on his blog tour for Blood and Bullets.

Better late than never......

James R. Tuck

One of my favorite things about being a writer is the chance to meet people who have read my books. I love it. Instantly there is a connection. I put part of myself into the book and they absorbed that. They know me to a certain extent. If you have read my book then you now know how I think.

You see the reader and writer relationship is one of intimacy. The writer puts themselves into the book. They spend hours and hours pouring themselves into the story, pulling parts of their soul out to use as the clay from which characters and storylines are sculpted. We open doors inside ourselves than most people leave closed. We strip naked and lay on the page, covered only in words that are strung together.

And you join us.

You, Dear Reader, sign on to wallow around in our misery, to exult in our triumphs, and to cheer us on as we chase the story dragon. (He's a slippery bastard! And tricky. And mean. And wonderful.) You spend hours of your life exploring the twists and turns of our mind like a labyrinth with a treasure on one end and murderous zombie Minotaur on the other.

When you immerse yourself in our story and really enjoy a book that is an intimate experience. For that window of time you and I are one.

So when I meet you for the first time we actually already know each other. We have spent hours together killing bloodsuckers or driving a boss 1966 Mercury Comet, ripping up the roads looking for monsters to slay. We have fought together. We have suffered together. We have sacrificed together. And we have come out the other side. We have seen the dawn together and survived another bloody night.

So keep this in mind when you meet me, or any other writer, in public. Come up. Talk to us. We love you. So don't be shy. Introduce yourself. We won't turn you away.

I promise.

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