Friday, August 10, 2012

Blood and Bullets

First in the Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter series by James R. Tuck


Since hunting down the monster who took the lives of his wife and children five years ago, occult bounty-hunter Deacon Chalk has lived by only one rule. He does not work for the monsters. He kills them. So why would a vampire try to hire him as protection against another monster hunter? 

After enforcing his only rule Deacon goes to meet the target, a vampire slayer named Nyteblade. Professional courtesy demands he tell this Nyteblade the vampires are hiring people to kill him. Deacon finds the vampire slayer waiting in an alley – waiting to stake him. He discovers that Nyteblade is a bumbling, fumbling, wanna-be instead of a badass vampire hunter. Someone who needs saving from monsters instead of the other way around. This is proven when a horde of vampires descend and he has to escape while trying to keep Nyteblade alive. 

Someone has set Deacon up. Someone wants him dead. Someone should have sent more vampires.

Bound and determined, Deacon will find out who tried to kill him no matter how many bloodsuckers, were-spiders, cursed immortals, undead strippers, or insanely powerful hell-bitches he has to wade through. It's going to be a long night.

After the teasing little novella That Thing at the Zoo, we are given Deacon's first full-length novel in Blood and Bullets. James does a wonderful job of pulling you into the story, and again, I just didn't want to stop reading.

Deacon hunts vampires, and pretty much anything else that goes bump in the night. This is a man who has absolutely nothing else to lose. He's already lost it all; his family, and even his humanity.

Deacon has friends who have bonded with him through unspeakable events. His two main allies are Kat and Father Mulcahy, two people who couldn’t be more different. Deacon runs his business from the back of Polecats. I love that he uses the profits from a strip club to hunt monsters. And that all of his dancers act as his assistants, as all of their lives have been affected by evil.

I am quite taken with Father Mulcahy, a Catholic priest, who not only provides him with all the Holy Water he needs for putting down vampires, but is also pretty handy with a rifle.

In Blood and Bullets, a vampire tries to hire Deacon for protection, but he doesn't work for monsters. He gives in to his curiosity, only to be ambushed. Now he has to follow the line of vampires back to whomever or whatever is controlling them, and encounters a surprising and unforeseen danger.

But then again, Deacon is no stranger to that...

And a vampire never sparkles unless they just ate a stripper.


I can't wait to read the next installment of the series; Blood and Silver.

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