Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Own Little Library

I have a small house, so I am always looking for ways to utilize what limited space I have.

For a book-loving gal like me, having a library seems like an obvious choice. However, with my space issues, having a library seems more like a dream.

Until now.

Certainly not a large library, but it didn't cost me any space.

This was my inspiration. The original poster made a little library in a non-working fireplace. I have one of those.

So I cleaned mine out, put in a bookshelf (sadly my only option as we rent this house), and ta-da.

I have a library.

Mine is not quite finished, I still have some beautification to do. I do not want it to look like I just crammed  a bookshelf into my fireplace.

So, a work in progress.

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