Friday, November 4, 2011

My Book Hoarding, er.....Collecting

keeps growing.

I find cool ones. Old ones. Weird ones.

Some I sell, like the Victor Hugo. But others I just keep for myself. I have decided to build a library.

Not sure exactly where this library will go, but I am building it nonetheless.

My recent obsession has been pulp fiction. Mostly because of the covers.

The other current book lust is just that. Horribly cheesy romance novels. Which probably stems from the pulp fiction collecting. The racy covers. I am not into reading them, but I do scour the pages for the naughty bits. (Which is never hard to find.) I love the verbiage in describing sex. Heaving bosoms and throbbing < insert quirky penile anachronism here. >

I found a few at the recycling center. Some at Goodwill. eBay.

A couple from my stash;

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