Monday, October 24, 2011

Lee Child

I am hooked on Lee Child's Reacher series.

Jack Reacher is a former military policeman. He would basically be considered a drifter. Reacher does not own anything and buys what he needs as he goes along, the epitome of the light traveler.

Reacher always ends up in these crazy situations. Although I recommend reading the books in order, the every story is different and based in a new location. So, should you go out of order you will not be completely lost.

I am currently on the waiting list at the library for the newest; The Affair.

1. Killing Floor
2. Die Trying
3. Tripwire
4. Running Blind
5. Echo Burning
6. Without Fail
7. Persuader
8. The Enemy
9. One Shot
10. The Hard Way
11. Bad Luck and Trouble
12. Nothing To Lose
13. Gone Tomorrow
14. 61 Hours
15. Worth Dying For

I also just stumbled across a short story entitled Second Son. About when Reacher was just a kid. Get your copy HERE.

Every single one of the Jack Reacher books has been optioned for a movie. Lee Child once said that they didn't have an actor of the appropriate size and demeanor. Jack Reacher is tall and well-built. Sandy-haired.

So I was rather dismayed to read that Tom Cruise has been cast as Reacher in One Shot

Christopher McQuarrie, who won the 1996 best screenwriting Oscar for The Usual Suspects, is directing.

"People think we should have had an actor that looks more like [how] Reacher is described in the books," admitted Child recently. "There aren't any such actors, so it's much more a question of which actor has the talent and screen presence to create what Reacher does on the screen."
One Shot will start filming in Pittsburgh in September and is scheduled for a 2013 release.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


apparently have always been my preferred reading as a child or to read to my children.

As Halloween approaches, I find I have had these kind of books on my mind and my reading list for the Munchkin. Some of these I read as a child and some I read to the Spawn as a child.

My top 3 favorite Monster books;

A funny monster book. I read The Monster at the End of This Book to the Munchkin's class. They were howling with laughter at this book, and I had to read it twice.

A rhyming counting monster book. One Hungry Monster.

And of course, Where The Wild Things Are.