Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lady Emily

I am in love with this series by Tasha Alexander.

Set in Victorian England, these historical suspense novels involve stolen antiquities, betrayal, and murder. Complete with a twisty plot, this is the kind of book I love. 

I found book number one of the series at the Recycling Center. The cover almost deterred me, as I figured it was just another romance. However, I had promised someone a few novels and she does read romance, so I grabbed it for her.

However, one day I was reaching for a quick read. And Only to Deceive was at arm's length. Prepared to be irritated with a sappy love tale, I began reading. I honestly was not expecting much from this book, but it became a book I didn't want to put down. After I finished it, I went and requested the rest of the series from the library. 

The series (in order);

And Only to Deceive
A Poisoned Season
A Fatal Waltz
Tears of Pearl
Dangerous to Know
A Crimson Warning (due to be released October 25, 2011)

I was pleased to discover that there is a bridge piece, Emily and Colin's Wedding: A Tears of Pearl PrequelRead it here. This is a little novella to go between numbers 3 and 4.

Perfect timing for this discovery, as I am currently awaiting the arrival of the fourth book from the library. I am, literally, right between novels 3 and 4. 

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